Turning dreams into reality is one of our specialties, and our capabilities go above and beyond of still 3-D renderings, which are just the beginning of a whole ArX Solutions experience.

We want to introduce you to our short films, which are  a great tool to tell our clients’ potential buyers the story of the space they are looking to purchase. Just watch this amazing film we produced with DCode Films for Muse:

ArX Solutions & DCode Films – Muse Film from ArX Solutions on Vimeo.

“These films are produced just like any other action Hollywood movie, in which there are actors, make-up artists, directors, and in some cases, like this one we did for Muse, even a robot that filmed the different scenes and sent the information to our 3-D files,” said Gonzalo Navarro, Principal of the ArX Solutions Miami office.

Like in any other movie that uses a green screen, our process is very similar. We start our pre-production with a storyboard, hold castings, perform make-up and wardrobe trials.

In these productions there are at least 20 people involved the day of the shooting, so there is a lot to accomplish before selecting a date for the use of a studio.

“After our shooting day, we go back to our office and start rendering the images according to the lighting set in the studio,” explained Navarro.

“Movies like Star Wars or Avatar are filmed in the same way, we cut the green screen and paste the actors as if they had always been in the same file.”

Do you want to see the whole process? Here is a video and some pictures to give you an idea of what one shooting day in a green-screen studio is like:


Green Screen from ArX Solutions on Vimeo.















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