This month we had the honor of being featured in American Airlines’ American Way Magazine.

In its latest issue, author Joseph Guinto sits down with co-founder Gonzalo Navarro and chats about how virtual reality is changing the rules of real estate in his article, Property Portals.

“Real estate makes sense for virtual reality,” said Navarro. “If you get a buyer from Shanghai who doesn’t want to travel to look at a property, or if you’re trying to sell a building that isn’t even built yet, virtual reality is the best way to show it.”

Guinto opens his piece by narrating the immersive experience provided by our latest virtual reality tools. Despite the icy winds blowing right outside of his Tribeca office, he recalls “jumping” into a pool and enjoying a nice swim outdoors.

“It’s a frigid, gray day in New York, and an icy wind is blowing through the city’s concrete canyons,” said Guinto. “The water splashes around me. I feel warm and relaxed. Then I remind myself: This is only virtual reality. In real reality, I’m not swimming, but sitting. There’s a long conference table in front of me, and on it a flat-screen monitor projecting a 3-D rendering of a luxury-condominium property in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.”

Behold the magic of virtual reality.

“The development doesn’t exist yet. Construction only started this spring. But high-end computer-graphics studio ArX Solutions has brought it to life — from the grand lobby to the outdoor pool to the residential units — in a virtual-reality product called ArXperience,” writes Guinto.

As he explains, the software works with an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

“Strap on the headset (as I do before my ‘swim’) and you are immersed in a startlingly realistic digital space. Stand on the patio and you can hear the ocean. Use the video-game-style controller to step through open doors, flip switches, move between units and, ultimately, decide which property might be right for you. Virtual reality also allows for customization: Don’t like the granite countertops? One click and they become metal. Want a brighter backsplash? Click on.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

“The Miami-based ArX Solutions — they also have offices in New York and Madrid — is not what you’d call a startup, having been around in some form since 1998. But the work the firm is currently doing for more than 100 global clients is very much on the cutting edge. ArXperience is one of the few market-ready applications for virtual reality that’s not made for gaming or entertainment — both of which still dominate the field,” explains the writer/editor for many other publications.

If you haven’t read it yet, you can do so in your next American Airlines flight or by clicking here to go to the digital version of the article in American Way Magazine.


ArX in American Way American Way


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