ArX 360: We take 3D on a whole new dimension

Imagine to be able to show your client the space of his or her dreams with the help of just one link.

Yes, just one link that you can click on any device, like your cellphone, tablet, laptop or even a big screen. You just need to stand up in one place and through the device take a sneak peek of every single corner of the space. You can go up, down, turn around and see everything!

Do you want to try? Just click here.

Amazing, huh?

Gonzalo Navarro, our Chief Operating Officer, was proud of featuring this new product at the last edition of The Real Deal South Florida Forum. You can see how it works in this video:

ArX 360 from ArX Solutions on Vimeo.

ArX 360 is a complete and sophisticated tool that basically needs the same information we use to create 3D renderings, it is easy to use, gives more precise information about the space and even though it takes a little bit more time to create it, it is faster than producing a full animation.

In few words: It is a simpler and faster solution than our ArXperience, but way more complete than a simple rendering.

We fully recommend it for sales centers, websites or any kind of events.

ArX 360

Do you have more questions about it? Feel free to contact us we will happily explore with you all the possibilities that this new tool gives!