New Waldorf Astoria: When our work becomes a case study

Creating images, films and animations is our bread and butter. We do it everyday and it is something that we can confidently say that we master. But not everyday are we asked to show the vision of the New Waldorf Astoria with live actors .

At the beginning of 2015, we were asked to create a film for the New Waldorf Astoria, but it had to be finished in less than 30 days from beginning to end, one quarter of the time we usually take. So we started working on it!

See what we created in those four weeks:


After achieving this in such a tight timeframe, our  Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder Gonzalo Navarro was invited by Autodesk University to Las Vegas to share our tips and tricks on how to create a script, the storyboard, the charrette process and the green  screen production.

You can see the 50 minute case study here.

Impressive, huh?

For us, this project, like every single one, was not only a challenge to do our best, but also a great learning experience to solve the different challenges that our clients face.

We feel very proud of it and definitely wanted to share this with you!

The Estates at Acqualina

It is no secret that one of our specialties is luxury.

And among our specialties we feel specially proud of the work our team did on The Estates at Acqualina, which is a splendorous Mediterranean village in a gated oceanfront metropolis, located 30 minutes from South Beach and Downtown Miami, in Sunny Isles Beach.

We are not only very pleased with our 3D renderings, but with the different outcomes they took, like this beautiful and luxurious hardcover book that shows in paper how magnificent this project is.

The Estates at Acqualina


The Estates at Acqualina
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ArX 360: We take 3D on a whole new dimension

Imagine to be able to show your client the space of his or her dreams with the help of just one link.

Yes, just one link that you can click on any device, like your cellphone, tablet, laptop or even a big screen. You just need to stand up in one place and through the device take a sneak peek of every single corner of the space. You can go up, down, turn around and see everything!

Do you want to try? Just click here.

Amazing, huh?

Gonzalo Navarro, our Chief Operating Officer, was proud of featuring this new product at the last edition of The Real Deal South Florida Forum. You can see how it works in this video:

ArX 360 from ArX Solutions on Vimeo.

ArX 360 is a complete and sophisticated tool that basically needs the same information we use to create 3D renderings, it is easy to use, gives more precise information about the space and even though it takes a little bit more time to create it, it is faster than producing a full animation.

In few words: It is a simpler and faster solution than our ArXperience, but way more complete than a simple rendering.

We fully recommend it for sales centers, websites or any kind of events.

ArX 360

Do you have more questions about it? Feel free to contact us we will happily explore with you all the possibilities that this new tool gives!

2015: A year of growth

The end of the year is here, and we want to thank you for being part of it. But not only that, we take the time to remember all the things that made 2015 so special for ArX Solutions.
We are grateful for having this space in which we have a direct communication with you, and for many things that brought new experiences and growth to our team. Today we want to share them with you.
ArX Solutions goes to Spain

It seems like just yesterday that ArX Solutions opened offices in New York and Miami, but progress marches on as we continue to go global and plan for a strategic expansion into the European & Middle East market.

The Madrid office,  in Pozuelo de Alarcón, started operations this 2015 under the leadership of Patricio Navarro, CEO and Co-founder of ArX Solutions, who is joined by a team of talented 3D artists and designers.

IMG_69332. Turnberry Ocean Club: The Sales Gallery of the future was born
Real estate visitor centers are never going to be the same thanks to the Miami-based Turnberry  Ocean Club, who opened its state-of-the-art sales gallery in Sunny Isles Beach this year.

Turnberry’s main goal throughout the collaboration with ArX Solutions was that we create a program that allows all the materials that we produce to be accessible via one platform. As a result, we developed the ArX multitouch interphase, which will be a viable tool for sales centers in any part of the world.

ArX Solutions nominated for SFBJ2015 Business of the Year Awards3. ArX Solutions nominated for SBJ 2015 Business of the Year Awards
The ArX Solutions team was honored to be one of this year’s finalists for the South Florida Business Journal 2015 Business of the Year Awards. Nearly 250 people attended the awards ceremony, which took place April 30 at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum in Dania Beach.

ArX Solutions at The Real Deal 20154. ArX Solution’s renderings at The Real Deal South Florida Forum and Showcase 2015
ArX Solutions was an exhibitor at The Real Deal’s 2015 South Florida Forum & Showcase on Oct. 15. The event was extremely successful, and we were pleasantly surprised to see that almost every booth at the forum & showcase had at least one rendering done by ArX.

We love to see the creative ways our clients have to display our work!

The Real Deal New York5. The Real Deal NY
Over 3,500 real estate professionals attended The Real Deal’s New Development Showcase & Forum in New York, and we had the opportunity to show them our latest 3-D rendering products, which included animations, interactive renderings and real time solutions.


IMG_53826. The Real Deal Broward: A great opportunity to showcase our work
were among the more than 2,000 real estate enthusiasts that mingled at The Real Deal’s Broward Forum and Showcase at the Design Center of the Americas in Dania, Florida.

In the booth of our Turnberry Ocean Club friends, we showcased the most advanced technology in 3-D animations and renderings  in products that we designed for them.


We wish you a very happy 2016!

The Magic Hour in 3D renderings

It requires a lot more than skills and a computer program in order to create beautiful and appealing renderings.

For us here at ArX Solutions, every rendering is a piece of art for which we strive to create the perfect lighting and the right composition. Now we want to let you in on a little secret to achieving the perfect lighting, it’s called the magic hour

Yes, you read that right. There is a time of the day that we refer to as the magic hour in which everything looks more beautiful, peaceful and inspiring. It is that period shortly after sunrise or before sunset where the sun sits lower in the sky and the daylight gleams with soft hues of red.

During this very precise moment, we capture images of the location that we are working at to create the peaceful and relaxing feeling needed to make each project standout.

The magic hour creates the perfect warm lighting for each rendering and enhances the colors of the surrounding environment setting the scene for potential buyers.

Do you want to experience the magic for yourself? Keep scrolling down to see the magic hour at work in our renderings!





















Say ‘hola’ to our Madrid office!

Join us in saying hola! to the newest members of our family as we head across the pond from Miami to Madrid!

It seems like just yesterday that ArX Solutions opened offices in New York and Miami, but progress marches on as we continue to go global and plan for a strategic expansion into the European & Middle East market.

We got the opportunity to meet with the members of the madrileño team when they came to Miami for their training. Along with experiencing the magic of Miami and its vibrant lifestyle, the team was able to capture the essence of ArX Solutions while learning the quality standards that need to be met in order to deliver the highly precise and detailed work that we provide to our clients.

The Madrid office, which is located in Pozuelo de Alarcón, has already begun operations under the leadership of Patricio Navarro, CEO and Co-founder of ArX Solutions, who is joined by a team of talented 3D artists and designers.

“Not only do we expect the expansion to have a positive impact on our business, but also on our clients worldwide,” said Patricio.

“Having the resources of our team at arm’s length will shorten lead time without compromising our product.”

With so many projects going on in the European Union and parts of the Middle East, having a team working in Spain is very important to better serve those clients.

And now we invite you to scroll down to see our pictures with the Madrid team in its office and during the time shared in Miami. ¡Bienvenidos!


ArX Solutions goes to Spain

ArX Solutions goes to Spain

ArX Solutions goes to Spain

ArX Solutions goes to Spain


Turnberry Ocean Club: When teamwork and exceptional talent come together

Great 3-D renderings don’t  happen by accident. They are possible thanks to the successful teamwork that we achieve with our clients.

That is why we are exceptionally proud of our work with Turnberry Ocean Club.  It has been the result of months of cooperation in which we have been working with the architect of the project, Carlos Zapata, the interior designer, Janice Clausen, and Richard Hallick, the associate principal of the landscape firm EDSA.

Alejandra Buchanan, ArX Solutions’ VP of sales and project coordination, traveled to New York to meet in person with Mr. Zapata and his team to select together the best angles to showcase of the beautiful 54-story building and to discuss other important details that come with the design of the project.

The amazing interior design you can appreciate in the renderings also came together after working very closely with Janice and her team, who gave us direction and shared her vision for the interiors of the project. We made sure that her selection of color pallet, materials, furniture and other details was reflected in the renderings of this amazing project.

Last but not least, it was a privilege to work so closely with our old friends from EDSA, with whom we have collaborated many times before.

Additionally, we held regular meetings with the Turnberry Ocean Club team to ensure we captured the desired concept for the project.

As result, we came up with more than 50 renderings, animations and 3-D interactives that were the base to create all the solutions that you will be able to see in their sales gallery and that will take you to the full ArXperience.

To see more renderings, please visit our web and stay tuned for more news about this project.


About Turnberry Ocean Club

Turnberry Ocean Club is a luxury tower that contains more than just efficient floorplans and innovative design, it provides a lifestyle and a level of service that is unrivaled. We worked diligently to deliver that message to potential buyers through our renderings.

“This groundbreaking design is both modern and timeless. Intelligent yet simple. It inspires a sense of openness that comes from what you feel, not just from what you see,” writes the developers on the project’s website.

With 54 stories along prime beachfront in Sunny Isles, the Carlos Zapata/Robert Swedroe-designed high-rise masterpiece embodies the energy, architecture and opulence of Miami’s current “it” status.

“The luxury skyscraper on a Collins Avenue address embraces the apex of Miami’s modernity movement: an amalgamation of glass, steel and towering white pillars intersected by sleek protruding balconies on all sides—with a maximum of four units per floor—as well as a duo of cantilevered 30th-floor swimming pools and an al fresco fitness center overlooking the ocean,” says the website.





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