The Guardian features ArX

We recently had a wonderful opportunity to sit down with The Guardian to explain the ArXperience and how virtual reality is revolutionizing the real estate industry.

Our COO and Co-founder Gonzalo Navarro sat down with The Guardian’s technology reporter Olga Oksman to explain more about the technology behind the virtual reality tools that are growing in popularity among real estate professionals.

Oksman opens up her article with a walkthrough of the ArXperience using the Oculus Rift:

“I am sitting in a Starbucks with an architect. He hands me an Oculus virtual reality headset with a Samsung phone slipped into the goggle area. In his hands is an iPad. I put the headset over my eyes and the cafe disappears. Suddenly I am in Miami, inside a sleek luxury apartment. I can see white condo towers and water views from the vast windows.

“I move out to the pool, a must for any luxury condo in Miami, and a menu appears offering me the chance to change the time of day simply by looking at the choice. I select sunset, the water in the pool moves with the breeze and I feel myself start to relax when the architect’s voice, seemingly coming from space, startles me”, describes Oksman in the piece published in the August 21 Sunday edition of the prestigious publication that you can read here .

Watching the reporter, or any other person who tries our ArXperience, fully immerse in the virtual space that we have created for the first time is one of the most rewarding moments we can have.

“In fact, he is still sitting across from me at the cafe, and I am now clutching the edge of the table to give myself a sense of where my body is in space. My eyes are telling me that I have just walked into a generously sized kitchen where different countertop marble color choices are now floating in front of me. My body says I am sitting down in a loud cafe and if I keep moving my head backwards and turning to look behind me, I am going to fall out of my chair”, details Oksman.

ArX featured by The Guardian

“Instead of spending the money to build a model apartment and furnish it, real estate companies can have virtual versions created that can go where the agent does. While virtual mockups are not cheap, they cost a fraction of the $1m or so that a furnished and decorated model luxury apartment would cost”, tells Navarro to the reporter.

“The entire process of creating an oversized condo, with tastefully bland furniture in neutral tones, out of thin air takes only about a month and a half. A bathroom can be generated in just a week. The paintings on the walls, fancy light fixtures and furniture are all based on real items. Views are stitched in from actual photos taken at the height of the future condo”. 

ArX featured by The Guardian

This is said easily, but the truth is that to give our clients this quick and precise results we have put together a team of many nationalities, that works from three different continents, and which has the best artists and developers that we have recruited to make you feel and experience the most beautiful spaces you have ever imagined.

Thank you The Guardian for featuring our work!