Partnering with well known, outstanding architects and interior designers can make a project stand out, but what happens if you haven’t yet hired someone specialized in interiors and need your clients to visualize the look and feel of the project to determine whether it’s the place of their dreams?

This is where our highly qualified and talented in-house interior design team comes into the scene.

Like Connie Navarro, an integral part of the team and an architect with an interior design specialty, who helps our clients put together the entire visual experience that their buyers need in order to fall in love with a property. While the final product is created and developed alongside the project’s official interior design partner, developers turn to our interior design services in the earlier stages of a project in order to not hold back sales for months until the final design is approved.

“My experience in the global real estate market has helped me recognize how to increase a property’s value through interior design and how to highlight the strong aspects of the project,” explains Connie. “Seeing the project as a whole and not in separate pieces is very important for the final design. Analyzing each detail as part of a concept is definitely what gives each space its own character.”

Design is key in helping properties reach the price point that global high-end real estate markets demand.

“One of the biggest challenges is not knowing who the buyer will be,” Connie says. “Nevertheless, we  understand what the buyers of high-end properties are looking for and their taste, so we are able to apply this criteria while creating the space of their dreams.”




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