Our year-end getaway

It’s time to say goodbye to 2014 and welcome the new year, and before that it is our tradition to do something fun.

This time we went to the Club Med for a weekend getaway, where we had a great time (you just have to give a look to our pictures to notice that).

Doing these kind of activities is not only a great way to reward ourselves for the hard work we did during 12 months, but to know better each other and enhance the great team spirit that help us deliver our clients the good work we produce.

We are very grateful to have the job we have, the clients we have and the year we just had.

Thanks to all of you who made possible this wonderful year! Our best wishes for this 2015!

Why Miami?

Why Miami and not New York or London? We decided to place our headquarters in Miami for a number of reasons. We will tell you which they are:

  1. It is one of the top markets for luxury homes in the world: In the 2014 luxury report (you can download it here), Christie’s International Real Estate identifies Miami as one of the top markets for luxury homes in the world, rubbing shoulders with London, New York and Hong Kong.
  2. It is not anymore considered just a resort-market or vacation spot for a second home: According to Curbed, Miami’s urban market is now leading the way in luxury, amenities, and naturally, pricing. Projects such as Echo Brickell (our clients) with an average price of $1,869,472.00, and One Thousand Museum, with an average Price: $6,937,775.00 are just the beginning.
  3. We don’t have to pay  State Tax: This not so small perk will continue to make Miami an ideal place for the wealthy, which reflects also in the Real Estate boom.
  4. Its lifestyle: According to this article published in Ocean Drive, “the ranks of the world’s ultrawealthy have decided to admit Miami to the list of their favorite cities, boosting it to number seven—ahead of Paris and Dubai—in this year’s annual survey by Knight Frank, a London real estate consulting firm, up from eighth place in 2013. (London and New York constantly jostle for first and second position; Miami is the only other US city to make this year’s list.) It’s the quality of life that this elite group really loves, ranking Miami fourth on that criterion.”
  5. Its location: For us is simple, having an office in New York and another in Buenos Aires, Miami is the right spot to have our hub from where we connect to the rest of the world.
  6. Our Clients: Many of them are based here, and if not, for the reasons above mentioned have projects here. And even if they are out-of-town, who doesn’t want to spend a couple of days working in sunny Miami? Yes our offices are your offices, come and work with us here.
  7. We just love it!:  Is there something not to love about Miami? We just haven’t found it.

Miami today-2020-facebook

ArXperience in New York City

We recently presented in New York our newest product: ArXperience 3D.

It was really exciting to see the great acceptance that it had among the specialized press and some of our clients that came to experience it.

We received our guests in New York City’s Paramount Hotel so they could experience this new technology that we are sure will revolutionize the way real estate is sold.

With the Oculus Rift  our clients will be able to take their prospects on a virtual tour to the home of their dreams even before it exists.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to try our new ArXperience 3D!

What the press is saying:

“As technology begins to revolutionize residential sales, luxury new development is gradually diminishing its traditional disadvantage over existing properties: the inability to visualize. For New York’s developers, the implications could be tremendous.”.- Konrad Putzier, Real Estate Weekly

“The ArXperience 3D solution is best presented on a double screen 4K curved TV and is compatible with Oculus Rift for a total immersion experience. This is the first time the virtual reality headset is being used as an instrument to market real estate, using the device’s tracking technology, the depth, scale and wide field of view to create an extraordinarily realistic experience”.-  Maria Lanao, Wired.

“Bolstered by nearly two decades in the architectural visualization industry, the Miami-based firm has long established itself as an innovator, helping to push the boundaries of 3D technology.”.- James McClister, Miami Agent Magazine

“It’s exhilarating. As it happens, extreme levels of conspicuous consumption—even in virtual reality—feel really, really good. Moreover, it feels like the cloud of sharp, pheromone-tinged musk the Paramount Hotel sprayed in its lobby is beginning to go to my head. I turn to the couches, which are a dusty shade of ecru”.- Sydney Brownstone, Co.Exist

“Viewers use a video game controller to stroll in and out of rooms. If there’s a prototype of the virtual reality goggles Oculus Rift handy, as there was when I toured a model, then you can throw that on and feel like you actually are in the space”. Teke Wiggin, Inman

“Its newest product, aptly called ArXperience 3D, will leverage the budding popularity of virtual reality into a unique and immerse experience, allowing users to visualize and interact with environments ‘in the most realistic quality ever before seen on the market.'”.James McClister, Miami Agent Magazine

“ArX Solutions, the program’s designer, has recently begun marketing the program to developers and brokers of luxury condos in New York City and across the world.”.- Konrad Putzier, Real Estate Weekly

“Virtual tours have the potential to replace the open house. Imagine being to browse and walk through dozens of potential homes for sale in your neighbourhood or city, without having to leave the comfort of your own home, or the realtor’s office?”.- Agent Accelerate.