See you at The Real Deal in Miami!

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that ArX Solutions will be at The Real Deal’s 3rd Annual South Florida Real Estate Forum & Showcase taking place on October 15, 2015 at the Moore Building in Miami’s Design District.

Much like last year’s showcase, we will be sharing our latest products and services with all of you. We think you’ll be impressed by how much we have been developing over the past 12 months!

Don’t miss the opportunity to see our products firsthand and to discuss the services that will enable your marketing and sales teams to place your project on the radar for potential clients.

But above all else, feel free to just stop by and say hi! We will be very happy to see you!

We hope to see you next Thursday!

The Real Deal

Say ‘hola’ to our Madrid office!

Join us in saying hola! to the newest members of our family as we head across the pond from Miami to Madrid!

It seems like just yesterday that ArX Solutions opened offices in New York and Miami, but progress marches on as we continue to go global and plan for a strategic expansion into the European & Middle East market.

We got the opportunity to meet with the members of the madrileño team when they came to Miami for their training. Along with experiencing the magic of Miami and its vibrant lifestyle, the team was able to capture the essence of ArX Solutions while learning the quality standards that need to be met in order to deliver the highly precise and detailed work that we provide to our clients.

The Madrid office, which is located in Pozuelo de Alarcón, has already begun operations under the leadership of Patricio Navarro, CEO and Co-founder of ArX Solutions, who is joined by a team of talented 3D artists and designers.

“Not only do we expect the expansion to have a positive impact on our business, but also on our clients worldwide,” said Patricio.

“Having the resources of our team at arm’s length will shorten lead time without compromising our product.”

With so many projects going on in the European Union and parts of the Middle East, having a team working in Spain is very important to better serve those clients.

And now we invite you to scroll down to see our pictures with the Madrid team in its office and during the time shared in Miami. ¡Bienvenidos!


ArX Solutions goes to Spain

ArX Solutions goes to Spain

ArX Solutions goes to Spain

ArX Solutions goes to Spain


Turnberry Ocean Club: The Sales Gallery of the future has arrived

Real estate visitor centers are never going to be the same thanks to the Miami-based Turnberry  Ocean Club, who just opened its state-of-the-art sales gallery in Sunny Isles Beach.

ArX Solutions recently completed the last few details on the Turnberry Ocean Club sales gallery and we are excited to see how this innovative project is going to revolutionize the real estate industry.

Getting to this point involved 56 renderings, three animations, the addition of the 3D interactive ArXperience and four months of teamwork and cooperation between all parties involved, including: the interior design team led by Janice Clausen and Turnberry’s IT team.

Turnberry’s main goal throughout the collaboration with ArX Solutions was that we create a program that allows all of the materials that we produce to be accessible via one platform. As a result, we developed the ArX multitouch interphase, which will be a viable tool for sales centers in any part of the world.

The software application allows end users to view all 3-D renderings, animations and the 3-D interactive ArXperience in one place, raising the bar of how sales centers will operate going forward.

Although ArX Solutions was involved in all technical aspects of the project, we also had a hand in the interior furnishings of the sales center as we met with the design team to discuss all specifications for the screens and devices that were going to be mounted on the furniture.

In an effort to make things easier for our clients, ArX Solutions and Turnberry’s IT team handled the process of acquiring all of the digital equipment for the sales center and fully preparing them for installation.

Before the opening, Patricio Navarro, CEO and co-founder of ArX Solutions and Alejandra Buchannan, VP of sales and project coordination at ArX Solutions, personally trained the brokers and sales team on how to use all of the ArXperience and ArX Interactive devices to optimize their functions.

This interactive, multi-touch platform is a mobile device that can be taken on personal visits or to fairs and exhibitions, making it a best-seller among real estate brokers and developers.

Having completed our first high-tech real estate sales center for Turnberry Ocean Club, it is clear to see that this is the direction real estate marketing and sales are going in the very near future.

With the use of a joystick, visitors are able to take a virtual tour of the building’s amenity area and lobby and get a close-up view of the pool area. The following video will give you a better idea:

ArXperience can be used with the latest fully immersive technologies (i.e. Oculus Rift) or displayed with the most sophisticated display technologies (dual 80′ 4k curved TV). You can learn more about all of the virtual reality solutions that we offer by visiting our website.

Are you wondering how Turnberry Ocean Club’s sales gallery looks? If you are in Miami you can visit the sales gallery or keep scrolling here for a sneak peek.
















Turnberry Ocean Club: When teamwork and exceptional talent come together

Great 3-D renderings don’t  happen by accident. They are possible thanks to the successful teamwork that we achieve with our clients.

That is why we are exceptionally proud of our work with Turnberry Ocean Club.  It has been the result of months of cooperation in which we have been working with the architect of the project, Carlos Zapata, the interior designer, Janice Clausen, and Richard Hallick, the associate principal of the landscape firm EDSA.

Alejandra Buchanan, ArX Solutions’ VP of sales and project coordination, traveled to New York to meet in person with Mr. Zapata and his team to select together the best angles to showcase of the beautiful 54-story building and to discuss other important details that come with the design of the project.

The amazing interior design you can appreciate in the renderings also came together after working very closely with Janice and her team, who gave us direction and shared her vision for the interiors of the project. We made sure that her selection of color pallet, materials, furniture and other details was reflected in the renderings of this amazing project.

Last but not least, it was a privilege to work so closely with our old friends from EDSA, with whom we have collaborated many times before.

Additionally, we held regular meetings with the Turnberry Ocean Club team to ensure we captured the desired concept for the project.

As result, we came up with more than 50 renderings, animations and 3-D interactives that were the base to create all the solutions that you will be able to see in their sales gallery and that will take you to the full ArXperience.

To see more renderings, please visit our web and stay tuned for more news about this project.


About Turnberry Ocean Club

Turnberry Ocean Club is a luxury tower that contains more than just efficient floorplans and innovative design, it provides a lifestyle and a level of service that is unrivaled. We worked diligently to deliver that message to potential buyers through our renderings.

“This groundbreaking design is both modern and timeless. Intelligent yet simple. It inspires a sense of openness that comes from what you feel, not just from what you see,” writes the developers on the project’s website.

With 54 stories along prime beachfront in Sunny Isles, the Carlos Zapata/Robert Swedroe-designed high-rise masterpiece embodies the energy, architecture and opulence of Miami’s current “it” status.

“The luxury skyscraper on a Collins Avenue address embraces the apex of Miami’s modernity movement: an amalgamation of glass, steel and towering white pillars intersected by sleek protruding balconies on all sides—with a maximum of four units per floor—as well as a duo of cantilevered 30th-floor swimming pools and an al fresco fitness center overlooking the ocean,” says the website.





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The Real Deal NY

Over 3,500 real estate professionals recently attended The Real Deal’s New Development Showcase & Forum in New York.

We had the opportunity to show the attendees our latest 3-D rendering products, which include animations, interactive renderings and real time solutions.

We were specially delighted to share with attendees the work we have been developing with Turnberry Ocean Club, which left a lasting impression amongst those who visited our booth.

It was also a great opportunity  to greet some of our good old friends who were also in the Big Apple for this important event.

Many virtual-reality enthusiasts stopped by our booth where we  could show them the different and newest visual products we offer that help developers to sell their property.

In the event big-name panelists shared their vision and insight on foreign investment in New York City, the future of crowdfunding and the luxury market .

“Foreign investment panelist Nikki Field, senior global real estate advisor at Sotheby’s International Realty, warned brokers who aren’t finding a way to tap into the Asian market that they are missing a career opportunity, though they’ll have to get used to a new level of wooing,” writes The Real Deal in its on-line publication.

“On the crowdfunding panel, TRD managing web editor Hiten Samtani noted the proliferation of jeans-wearing real estate tech executives, while Prodigy Network CEO Rodrigo Nino tried to allay fears of overcrowding in the crowdfunding space, encouraging new entrants to go right ahead.

One thing is for sure, we always enjoy participating in these events and getting in touch with the needs of real estate professionals.

See you soon in the next TRD Showcase & Forum!


The Real Deal New York

The Real Deal New York

The Real Deal New York

The Real Deal New York

The Real Deal New York

The Real Deal New York

The Real Deal New York

The Real Deal New York

The Real Deal New York

The Real Deal New York

The Real Deal New York

The Real Deal New York

The Real Deal New York

The Real Deal New York

The Real Deal New York


500 Walnut, at the crossroads of history

Scannapieco – 500 Walnut Groundbreaking from 500 Walnut on Vimeo.

We are very proud to have worked with Scannapieco Development Corporation in Philadelphia: 500 Walnut.

Situated in the Society Hill area, the location is at the crossroads of history. Residents will have a view of the iconic Independence Bell Tower and the Liberty Bell from this new addition to the city skyline.

And the project, which has already generated a great media buzz in places like Curbed, features our beautiful 3D renderings.

Just take a look at the project’s website to get an idea of how amazing this new development is going to be (and take note of how neat our renderings look!).

With its completion slated for 2017, this 26-story tower, surrounded by park-like settings and expansive views of the river and bridges will feature only 37 residences with exceptional balconies and extraordinary views, 10 of which will be 4,200-square-foot, full-floor residences.

The amenities at 500 Walnut will include billiard rooms, fitness center with yoga studio, three lane glass enclosed lap pool and a massive outdoor terrace featuring fire pits and gathering spaces overlooking historic Independence Park.

Want to see more? Just scroll down and enjoy!













Welcome to our new website!

Come, sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful renderings in our new webpage.

We are happy to announce we just launched our new, redesigned website that showcases a more fluid approach and crisp look that’s easier to navigate on both a desktop screen and mobile devices.

The new site gives you access to our image archives where you can browse through our portfolio to see a number of featured projects.

Come and see our services menu, and free your imagination in our virtual world!


new website 5

new website 6






ArX Solutions nominated for SFBJ 2015 Business of the Year Awards

The ArX Solutions team was honored to be one of this year’s finalists for the South Florida Business Journal 2015 Business of the Year Awards.

Nearly 250 people attended the awards ceremony, which took place April 30 at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum in Dania Beach.

The event, which was created to recognize excellence and outstanding performance in the business and nonprofit community, honors finalists and winners in various categories, including business of the year by company size (1-25 employees, 26-100 employees, 101-400 employees, 401+ employees), the H. Wayne Huizenga Startup Award, a Nonprofit honoree and an individual Lifetime Achievement Award honoree.

See the following video where our nomination is announced.

SFBJ 2015 Business of the year from ArX Solutions on Vimeo.

This nomination was not only a great honor and opportunity to have a pleasant evening with the team and mingle with the South Florida business community. It was also the perfect occasion to reminisce on the hard work we have been doing all these years, the small and the big achievements, and all that we have learned along the way.

Additionally, we would like to thank all members of the team, friends and clients that made this very special occasion possible. Without you, we wouldn’t be who we are today.

If you want to know more about the SFBJ awards click here, and please find below images from this great evening.


ArX Solutions nominated for SFBJ2015 Business of the Year Awards

ArX Solutions nominated for SFBJ2015 Business of the Year Awards

ArX Solutions nominated for SFBJ2015 Business of the Year Awards

ArX Solutions nominated for SFBJ2015 Business of the Year Awards


ArX Solutions nominated for SFBJ2015 Business of the Year Awards


ArX Solutions nominated for SFBJ2015 Business of the Year Awards

ArX Solutions nominated for SFBJ2015 Business of the Year Awards

ArX Solutions nominated for SFBJ2015 Business of the Year Awards


ArX Solutions nominated for SFBJ2015 Business of the Year Awards

ArX Solutions nominated for SFBJ2015 Business of the Year Awards

ArX Solutions nominated for SFBJ2015 Business of the Year Awards

ArX Solutions nominated for SFBJ2015 Business of the Year Awards

The Real Deal Broward: A great opportunity to showcase our work


Last week we were among the more than 2,000 real estate enthusiasts that mingled at The Real Deal’s Broward Forum and Showcase at the Design Center of the Americas in Dania, Florida.

In the booth of our Turnberry Ocean Club friends, we showcased the most advanced technology in 3-D animations and renderings  in products that we have been designing for them.

Patricio Navarro, President of ArX Solutions, had so much fun showing everyone how the Real Time 3-D virtual tour of Turnberry’s  Sky Club (floors 30,31 and 32) worked.

Like a videogame, with the help of a remote control, he took the guests who stopped by through the amazing architecture and interior design of this ambitious project.





While our Principal in Miami, Gonzalo Navarro, greeted friends and clients, Alejandra Buchanan, the VP of sales and project coordination, also showed how the touchscreen we developed for Turnberry Ocean Club displays the amazing 3-D renderings we created for them.
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